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  1. WhoIsKimchi

    Time to farm kyle I should be the guy to be kos this month but I'm not mod/admin oh well
  2. WhoIsKimchi

    Go to your gpu specs and check how much volts, a i3 8350k only takes 90v, would recommend a 600 power supply, and get a z270 motherboard, if you ever want to upgrade be better Edited: also prefer to have more ram, prefer another 8gb ram
  3. WhoIsKimchi

    Why would you use a compressed air can to spray on your gpu when you can disassemble it, never do that cause it can damage your gpu on the reboot, use Delete when booting then find through your temp settings, if that doesn't work, check your motherboard if all the plugs are correct
  4. WhoIsKimchi

    get nordvpn or provpn both are incredibles
  5. WhoIsKimchi

    When you have 12000 point of view on foot and stable 90 fps
  6. WhoIsKimchi

    I've got a new idea for the new Taxi System, hope to be accepted by the staff of Olympus, what I'm thinking is... Whenever a player requests a taxi, just like medics, taxi drivers can accept their request and have a displayed timer (6 mins) in the top right corner. Below the timer, it displays the taxi drivers distance from target location by meters. When someone requests a taxi, a fare is made for $2500 and gets transferred to the taxi drivers bank account, when they accept. Afterward, a continuous fare will be charged by $1000 every 1km is made - All this be wire-transferred to each other's bank accounts. Whats your opinion on this?
  7. WhoIsKimchi

    Set your game launch options to -novid -nojoy -enterthreads 4 and then verfiy your game caches, it will update your folders
  8. WhoIsKimchi

    If you're going make a troll post be careful, sometimes if a moderator see the post, you can get suspended for it
  9. WhoIsKimchi

    Next time buy a suicide vest, if they shoot you kaboom
  10. WhoIsKimchi

    whoever reported you for having a machine gun pointed at their face is a crybaby, you super chill and good luck bro
  11. WhoIsKimchi

    Have a mini campfire next to vigi outpost to heal

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