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  1. Tspoon

    It takes a lot of time on thinking and be in the mood to it, but don't worry, I'm currently working on one at the moment.
  2. Tspoon

    He zoomed in but the idea was to change contrast of the colors of the image, that gives you the message "You can't see it like this, Try with something else" so it makes you open the image with applications other than an image viewer. On this case a text editor.
  3. Tspoon

    yobson explained it here:
  4. Tspoon

    Congratulations !! I'll be contacting you soon to receive the money. For everyone else, nice try. You guys want to still solve it by your own or you want me to post the answers here? More puzzles coming soon, probably this week, keep an eye around here.
  5. Tspoon

    LMAOOOO, It's quite long, good luck
  6. Tspoon

    nope, it's not. yes it's a link that you never seen before bc u never used it lol, but no, it's not virus.
  7. Tspoon

    Idk, PM me with what you got so far lol
  8. Tspoon

    the password? no.
  9. Tspoon

    So... First person getting the password (no spaces) for this link and submitting it gets in-game currency. With the amount of hints this is easy and pretty straight forward. You guys can share thoughts between each other but remember that only the first submission is getting the reward. Rewards are: 2 Mil if solved in less than 10 hours after this is posted, 1 Mil if solved after. The Puzzle starts here: http://i.imgur.com/vhjuTwp.png Depending on how this goes, I might do more puzzles with more rewarding prizes. Good luck ! @Tommy Wiseau
  10. apache attack helicopters be like



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