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  1. yes demolish it
  2. +1 for defibs
  3. It was a video of me saying i was gonna do a magic trick then proceeding to run away upon being unrestrained as all the apd miss their shots on me but the vid freezes midway through
  4. I will record a video to show you guys today -Or not because all OBS is recording now is a black screen. Somebody else can probably go in and do what I was going to. I was ssimply going to shoot a csat wearing ai in the leg then a non wearing one and see the difference in time it takes. Factor in the speed at which the gun shoots.
  5. Well yeah I understand that I can tap a cop, but cops should not be able to one tap me. Theyre not supposed to be militarized. The issue is that if im standing still for a second, its enough to down me because it only takes 2 shots.
  6. The issue is not me being outshout the issue is that they can taze me if they hit my legs twice. Not difficullt
  7. Gimmie back my damn legs saviors. "Oh hey heres an idea, lets take away the csat fatigues and then give the deputies vermins that shoot at light speed."
  8. Well its when I get a text saying hands up or be tazed by the APD.
  9. Hey can we have the APD wear tags or something please? I am not saying that so I can count how many are on, I can already do that just by looking at the player select, Medics wear gang tags, civs wear gang tags... APD dont? Dafuq
  10. I am not worried about being blind folded while transported, that is not the issue, the issue for me would be when im blindfolded and just sitting there on a black screen while the cops get into a shoot out or they forget about me, that would be my issue. I agree with some of the other people ive seen talking about how you should wait til youre actually moving someone to blindfold them. I would prefer to not sit there for 15 minutes blind folded. Id rather just get up and walk away.
  11. What do you mean by that?
  12. Well I have been "Combat Blindfolded" 2 times already, one by a policeman and one by a vigilante. I know that vigi rules are not as strict but damn fix it guys cmon. Just make it a bar like "Blindfolding player" and have it just take like 10-15 seconds.
  13. So wait a minute, youre telling me that the police are allowed to employ the use of blindfolds? What is that trash? I can tell you whats going to happen right now is, combat blind folds. *Tazed* restrained and blindfolded within the same second. Add an animation because you know they will blind fold you every time you are arrested, no matter what.
  14. 4 thousand dollars!

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