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  1. Offers https://gyazo.com/f3e87e6597e13586ef44f1e984b0abd0
  2. Feels bad man who will listen to my rants on cop anymore. o7 though my dude
  3. I'm selling s1 and s3 houses all of these are for sale for the right price feel free to pm on steam or the forums or just put your offer below. s1 https://gyazo.com/4502b8de95264e459c48cd1d083ff60f 4 crater dp23 4 crater dp 23 2 crater dp 23 https://gyazo.com/3ce2529f2fb14fe4f41ae01fb1015b25 3 crater dp 25 closes house to the pygros rebel 600 meter run https://gyazo.com/81c7a9515d42f0f8cc423f4db6992b9f 0 crater nearest house to chop s3 https://gyazo.com/375f119d528a89754c9dc9858278c3d7 longhouse 1 crater at og church longhouse 1 crater down west from og moonshine 0 crater one of the closest from warzone 0 crater inside moonshine brewery garage in-between sugar and yeast I am also open to house trades within reason and money in the deal.
  4. i hope they were worth the ban for rdm my dude on a shitty server
  5. @Phizx https://gyazo.com/753e3a89dd5fbc32c6dbb0a72292a620 Who Won Sam or Phizx?
  6. i have a 2 crater on s1 in dp 23 msg me in Olympus ts with an offer as I don't fuck with the forums much.

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