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  1. can confirm flared 6 titans before that but ran out of flares so had 1 burst for the first rocket and none for the second.
  2. Something else to note is it could potentially ruin the Medic Faction as more people will just respawn instead of wait for medic cos NLR. 2nd point also being it would remove alota money from the economy as I know personally whenever I died unless I am gonna get epid off the bat ima respawn and be back in 2 minutes to a fed or whatever.
  3. It's because you're using an ak12 that's the problem get a mk1 or mk18 and use an arco then you might be less shit.
  4. I have a garage in dp3 for sale its up on the market.
  5. https://gyazo.com/959e3fb06b91a475713d976ff07411bb Offers
  6. dude what are you smoking hahahaha I fell over laughing when I read this
  7. Sam1

    Car Crash

    thx. yeah scared the shit out of me didn't sleep that night
  8. Hello everyone I am alive. Last night I got into a car crash doing 70mph along a main road. I hit a large body of water on the road with another car on the other side of the road therefore it was unavoidable. I lost control of the vehicle spinning around twice thus resulting in me hitting the sign with the tail end of my car. The steering rack is now bent, two of the wheels are buckled, the chassis is bent as well as some serious body damage. Either way I am thankfully alive with only minor injuries to my neck. I am aware people were saying I was dead this was a meme and I'm sorry for worrying people. This is a go-fund me page I have set up as Dante did a similar thing in a time of need. I live in the middle of nowhere and need a vehicle to get to college/work so any donations would be great but if not everyone's kind messages are still nice to hear asking if I'm ok and glad I'm safe. https://gyazo.com/2342dc6dd37c1941c8589fe8db9e9a68 https://www.gofundme.com/Blackfishpilot
  9. I got an armed Quilin got this thing when the blackwater first came out hit me up with a spicy offer.
  10. well since I am being DQ'D it might as well be me.
  11. you know what Peter I blame you for everything.
  12. so basically in your eyes you made it fair by putting bw v ti the debatably worst gang and the debatably best gang together in first round. then after that it gives mango republic a free pass to the finals. I understand that its RNG but you should of just left it.

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