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  1. lets do something because there is no point in playing right now
  2. So first off as we all realize there is alot of hacked money and warpoints on the server now i know some of you may not have realized it but ya thats what is going on so heres what needs to happen to the server for it to be fixed respond the tickets that were put in and do your job its pretty simple i know it sounds crazy and you have to do work which also sounds crazy i know but if you guys did that maybe the money and warpoints would not have gotten this bad i put in a ticket about hacked money 2 days ago and i still got nothing like cmon dont tell people to put tickets in but not follow through on ur side.
  3. Did not ask you to tell me where to report him already recorded and reported bud
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgPaEk4wTCY lmk hml hmp hmu type shit
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