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  1. I agree that there needs to be many thing re-written in the sever rules and in the handbook...sooooooo many things are written extremely vague and need to be updated to be more specific about the circumstances its laying out...for instance the rule in this case says... "Searching a house/gang shed is authorized when An APD member has a form of probable cause (bounty, illegal weapon, etc.) and witnesses a civilian interacting with, shooting out of, or taking refuge in a house/gang shed in any form. The Sergeant or higher has discretion on whether or not to conduct a search." MANY things are wrong with the wording of this statement...for instance when is says "interacting" that could be interpreted as just walking up to a building, taping it with your body, and walking away...that's interacting...house gets searched...how about "taking refuge"...again, a very vague wording, and could mean just walking through the house...house gets searched...how about the fact that the wording doesnt even specify searching the house only if you have keys...so technically an officer could just follow a wanted criminal as he walks through every house in kavala and just walk behind him searching every house as they go...you probably laugh at that last one but tell me in the rules where is says you cant do that. Hopefully I've made my point at this time...I could give many more examples that are present in the rules like these ones but we've only examined one line of hundreds in the book and im not going to spend my time playing lawyer for the server unless I'm payed 3 figures an hour to do it ADMINS: go pay a lawyer for a couple hours of their time to re write the rules for you so they are dead specific and not open to interpretation any more
  2. lol your childish sarcasm clearly tells me that you are not capable of having a mature conversation...how about next time you have someone question decisions you didn't make, you just let it be or actually respond with points and reason instead of insults and mocking...you might actually be able to convince someone of your point when you don't make an immediate ass of yourself
  3. lol usually its the people calling triggered who are getting upset
  4. like i said, new players will give up and quit if they cant get a foot on the ground and there will be no one to replace the ones who leave when they get bored...if you want to sit there and pretend that im advocating for salvage to return to what is was then there's no helping you...I took my time and carefully crafted an argument to explain what i see happening (and spell checked idiot)...your problem if the server dies not mine...plenty of other servers out there when that happens...
  5. lol, if you didn't read it then how can begin to argue with what i said...to summarize, i said they did nothing to make up for the fact they nerfed it...never said they shouldn't, only that there is now a gap between being a new player and having enough cash to get a decent start with no way to get there...read all of the post your commenting on before you embarrass yourself any farther
  6. did anyone ever consider the fact that running salvage with a house would net you about 10k a minute...not sure on the bigger runs like meth and moonshine but diamonds earn over twice that at 21k a minute...how about instead of nerfing the only way for a player to get a start in the game in any reasonable time frame, look at why people would rather sit afk instead of taking a risk making bigger money...seams to me the admins are just pandering to the endgame player constantly with no regard to the new players...this is quite apparent in the constant reduction to lower player activities...did they increase the price of robing a gas station...no...did they decrease the processing time for legal items...no...did they increase the passive income...no...did they increase the price yield of any other run...no...did the admins do anything els in the game to make up for the nerf...no...I could come up with ideas that would improve the server all day but like i said, pandering to end game players is clearly all that is on their mind...my guess is someone complained that they weren't able to rob enough and this was their solution...if you dont give a start for new players they will just quit, and the server will die due to lack of people to replace the ones getting bored...clearly foresight is not the strong suit of the people in charge of this
  7. somehow my vape broke on me just now and the shop doesnt open untill 10 so im going to have to push the stream back untill 11a.m. but the show will and must go on..
  8. Join me today at 10 a.m. Pacific to kick off the new year in the next installment of Arma3: Messing With The Locals Ep:29...We will be going for a 12hr+ stream today where we will tackle whatever comes to mind and tickles our fancy...From running drugs to capturing cartels to basic shenanigans in Kavala square as well as going over and exploring the new features and changes made to the game today, so stop in for the live stream and join me in game if your able...and happy New Year everyone twitch.tv/riikentenkashie
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