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  1. HAHA sorry Chris I just don’t like you And for anyone who’s talking about me I have quit arma it’s just a dead game now
  2. I joined the server some time ago and i never expected to get this far as i did like ever i never expected to get support team i never even thought i would become an officer or a medic its been an emotional journey and i have had my ups and downs i might not have had the best reputation at times and that may have changed towards the end of my life on this server i made the rank of search and rescue on medic i loved every part of it up until the end when i went inactive i made loads of friends over on the medic team special shutout to @Blue @LukeTheSup @Mita @Shades @Richards @Kyle Lake @Coffee @CorNfLower medic was fun and it was the first faction i was apart of i never thought i would make it to search and rescue ever i had some amazing moments and some sad moments i understand some of you may think this 07 post is out of no where on civ i have been apart of loads of different gangs from owning my own gang to being in tree,DB,TL and loads others im gonna miss @G F @Courean @Cats and loads more people civ has been an interesting experience from being in some really small gang to one of the biggest gang on the server i have learned a lot from being in this community but i think my arma days are over and im gonna be concentrating on my daughter Hannah And my fiancee i feel as though they are more important than a video game and at times this community has been controlling my life now APD when i first joined i was so happy i past my test i was nervous during the test and i never thought i was gonna pass like ever as soon as i became a cop i knew this is where i wanted to be and i soon enough became a PO and started to career cop gotta be honest i wasn't perfect and no one is everyone makes mistakes we are human i had over 800 hours on cop and it became and addiction i wanted to keep playing to keep working towards corp it started to slowly take over my life so i could keep trying to become a better cop and to learn all of the rules by reading the handbook ive even been playing arma when my dad got given 6 months to live over a brain tumor i should be concentrated on real life things rather than a video game and for any of you who ask i did not step down from cop i made a mistake which resulting in me getting disciplined dont get me wrong the only reason why i am leaving is because of this reason and towards the end i started to dislike cop having 800 hrs as a po wasnt nice although i knew all the rules at the end i still made a mistake which was wrong and i knew it was wrong when i did it im not gonna post it all over the forums saying what i did but it got me and @Ace removed from cop i have some shutouts to some people im gonna miss im gonna miss this people more than anyone as i was a career cop and everyone in apd was like a second family @Ace to start with dude i watched you go from deputy to corp will miss you my guy @Rossco im going to miss you my guy we had some interesting times together was always fun although when we first spoke to each other it was an argument but we soon became friends and i will miss you my guy i hope you get SJT one day my dude @Unjo we had some interesting experiences i feel as though i have known you the longest here and without a doubt you'll get corp again my dude gonna miss you we had some fun times @thedoc my guy gonna miss you was always fun to play with you @Grego dude i watched you be a corp had some interesting times you always told me never to give up and always inspired me @CorNfLower much love my guy was good meeting you @Pledge although you may have taken my rank i still like you my guy you are a awesome chief and are always down for a laugh when i first met you you flew my jet around when you where on cop was fun and a laugh always looked up to you major respect and love @Hurricane always there when you needed him to talk or to help you with the rules always helpful and friendly gonna miss you as well @Rexo i have known you longer than anyone on this server i always always had respect for you you are a funny and an awesome guy i hope you keep up the good work my dude much love we had soem intresting times making that other server which didn't go anywhere HAHAH but made a quich buck of it @Mita you where kind of toxic when i first met you but you soon changed and became a nice person will be missed @Hadi Mokdad good luck in the future my guy with staff and everything else @Outcast see ya dude will be missed @decla we had are ups and dwons and we argued a lot and had disagreements but you are a nice guy with a big ego XD have a good one @ALL of the apd and all of the olympus community i will miss you all well maybe not a few of you i may be in TS from time to time but this is it im off its been a good joureny and i thank all of the staff member snr r & r and sapd and server owners for making this a fun community to be apart of never thought i would write one of theys 07 posts but this is it see YA MY GUYS/GIRLS.
  3. Needs to happen that side of the island is dead might as well use it for something
  4. CHAZ 2.0

    live on cop

  5. That why you turn player tags of to not be tempted
  6. Gotta love apd fighting armed planes 

    gg ez.png

    1. ooooooooo


      I don’t even get the @ smh

    2. Millennium



      5 minutes ago, communistjosh said:

      I don’t even get the @ smh


    3. Soulz


      Thx for taking my picture with it:( 

  7. cant find the pc ones on amazon
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