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  1. itsardee

    Spectral, Snake, OzzY and (maybe) Pinkstreak. Why 4? Because #D3V1L4LT
  2. itsardee

    Why so much hate against Snake? This is what I hate about people. You do shit wrong you're fucked, you do shit right no one gives a fuck. Pardon my language but please keep this civil, in the end we're all adults having a conversation and this isn't the kindergarden. Thanks. /rant BTT: I agree with it being "roleplay" and stuff, but what the members of the in-game "ISIS" do to connect themselves with the gang name is, imho, disgusting and should be disallowed. Calling themselves after an extremist terrorist group crosses a border by itself, but then screaming islamic "chants" and roleplaying executions and beheadings is just disgusting. How can you have fun doing that? +1 to op
  3. itsardee

    Most Cutiepie: D3V1L senpai

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