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  1. Defused

    Buying MX's

    Sell me Mx's plz Dm me so I can buy them ty
  2. I know theres more than 8 simps in this bitch, the community needs names boys dont hold back here.
  3. No, just want to know who the simps of the server are thats all. Nothing against you waffle you're a nice guy.
  4. If you're a simp make a note of it down below, need to know who's really simpin out here. The more simps the community is aware of, the better.
  5. Football is the most American sport.
  6. Defused


    Correct, certified cool group now.
  7. Defused


    Both of you are better than me btw if you didnt know If you go to your profile page it will have a number in the top of the url so for you its 6513
  8. Defused


    See thats hot right there
  9. Defused


    I just like how mine is 321 it looks good lmaooo
  10. Defused


    Good, now I can go to bed peacefully at night.
  11. Defused


    I guess I didn't realize until today how low my UID is, I'm making this to see if there are any other people with super low UIDs that I may know or recognize. Comment on this bitch and I'll see how many of you guys I remember from wayyy back
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