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  1. Reality

    pm me with screenshots and I will make offers I want especially promet tasers
  2. Reality

    I don't have a set amount that I want to sell for just give me offers and pm me if you want a screenshot
  3. Reality

    I am selling a dp 24 3 crater for 3.5 mil msg me for ss
  4. Reality

    looking to buy dp 22 3-4 Craters looking to buy high-end tasers
  5. 76561198848460775.png

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    2. HutnerGunner


      Well those stats fit perfectly with Noble

    3. thor


      57 minutes ago, HutnerGunner said:

      Well those stats fit perfectly with Noble

      Just like how your stats fit with your ratty gang

    4. Reality


      lmao your trash thats why were getting you kicked from your gang lmao


      talking bout hunter


  6. Reality

    Selling a Dp 24 3 crater house pm offers

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