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  1. I met this player when I were playing arma around 2016 this man has stuck in my memory ever since with his hilarious music video ! I watched this guy on twitch he was a happy fella must have been in 40's but truly new how to roleplay haha.. great to see this guy boot his PC up again. ' i picked a peach a from a tree.. one for you one for me' ' i still cant find my way ' 'where the fucks kavala? darling' resembles the noob everyone started at... ive never played dogshit server being reffered in this video and no not believe it runs.
  2. believe this guy would go 100-0 in a KOTH server anyone else been killed from almost outta nowhere by this player? https://medal.tv/games/arma-3/clips/ie4a7EefZoK-JPZFd/d13377S09AWt?invite=cr-MSxlcXYsMjQxMjE3NzcyLA
  3. I would like to win please... just ccuz i said please when i win in future this wasnt rigged.
  4. no im banned for something thats not written on server rules... if it was youd be able to be half helpful and copy and paste that for me... you can't but instead of doing anything you're defensive ?? i understand this staff team doesn't have the best of peoples skills and are very one sided when it comes to decisions... whats next a perma ban because I was so annoyed about a miss ban?? wouldn't suprise me. I imagine you are like APD yelly fish in game and enjoy making dinosaur sounds for comedic value.. i dont know why someone like you gets to get under my skin for a miss ban. If i ever find you in game you gonna get some serious shit "in roleplay" for your treatment i received .
  5. How have you managed to contradict yourself so badly??? do i not state that im sure he's agreeing? thanks for the un helpful reply which makes you look a fool and not looking into the fact someones fail rp has ending up me being banned...
  6. Do I want to play a server that bans me un fairly?? no.. Will i play this server again due to lack of choice? OFC!!!
  7. @ -Shawn- patiently waiting for an unban. can you help me find out who restrained me? if you look at the clip someone has to suffer for fail rp! I don't understand what you're saying??? changed to the nonbrainded take that sounds to crazy for me to understand? but i think you agree someone being restrained is engagement?
  8. your boy earned himself a report!... thats his video... At the start of this video Jimothy phillips says in chat: Thx for leaving me in restraints.... {me alleging fail RP} they respond telling me they are coming... What they should have done.. was unrestrain me or take me with them after I say no to a lethal. what they do and this video proves... which is Not fix auto run bug which slowed characters sprint animation. and went AFK to avoid the long wait himself this is proved by the running in the wall with a 1.5m loadout. and coming at this with another thought... I WAS RESTRAINED.... this would have been minutes after i was auto unrestrained and thats why Im still in the area... enjoy report for fail RP @ CoolKiller
  9. Hey just as I said... I was left and he's admitting rule breaks you can't just restrain someone to be left... which is what you did jackass and just said if it was up to you you'd do again... @ -Shawn- Its trolls like this guy that put me in situations like this and hasn't read server rules himself or he'd know not to restrain and leave. @ -Shawn- Poor guy hasn't read the thread either and as I said would have shot if still restrained... I told you i can bait people very easily with this... cause at least 5 rdm bans a day in my opinion. @ CoolKiller Someone with reading and writing skills of yours shouldn't be calling others retarded get ready to set yourself up for a butt hurt future!... im back in 2 days remember!
  10. id love to see a clip of you unrestraining skelly and me shooting your friend 5 minutes later as this certainly did not happen. We had lois, wang, jimothy at salt flats... skelly was somewhere else at the time mate... he been let go less then 2 minutes and so we decided it wasn't RDM. However you can believe what you like... i know for a fact if i had your boy in restraints youd have shot me... weather you wont now because of this report is a different story but you are part of the problem.. reporting people when you lose with a 5 min clip of the guy i killed as if gang initiation isnt a thing.... goodbye i do not speak to your kind... (kind = stupid) changing the story cuz you a fking idiot and can't remember what happened more like. either way im banned for a server opionion on being in restraints not counting as hostile... something which is argueable... if you feel like the winner then fuck you !
  11. Inititation when having a gang member captive is just an altis life norm for me since 2018. sad to see how the times change. and how obviously unclear its written.. could add something so simple to state this... make me feel like ive not read the rules mate.. i wouldnt RDM on purpose... sad to see 30% server banned when i get mass reports coming for this rulebreak. I was in support lastnight and got a 5050 on longtime players that would have shot in my position.. You know them audit videos... youve caused the anger in me to audit this server and see how many i could report in 7days using these hidden rules... id re write rules cuz soon itl be messy with players appealing and all imma do is show my 5 min clip of me getting RDMd... and they can deal with the frustration of killing someone with REV tags because theyre friend told them to because they couldn't take the 15 minute driving torture... its almost a troll but is it a troll when its a server norm for these players to not shoot me??? they should all know surely and ill have no reports coming in.... doubt it.
  12. So you don't believe someone should receive a 2day for something not stated in the rules... Killing or tazing another player without any role-play will result in administrative action. If you have been fired at, returning fire is permitted. If someone commits a direct hostile action to you, you may kill them. Example: Lockpicking/stealing your vehicle, rotor tapping, bolt cutting, active APD warrants, APD house raids/searches, shooting you with a flare gun, physically interacting with your hostages. Example: Being armed/pointing a gun in your general direction and/or verbally insulting are NOT considered hostile actions, neither is ramming/running over someone whether or not you believe it is intentional. If the words stated in red was removed.. especially the last part.. id accept my ban. but miss banning me just causes me to be angry about something that shouldnt be a thing. Jimothy Phillips plays by altis life rules !!!! got like 20disputes never been banned by a dispute.
  13. unless the restrains are fluffy and for sexual intetions (consensual in which using a gun is not) then being in restraints is hostile.... google hostile. Example: Lockpicking/stealing your vehicle, rotor tapping, bolt cutting, active APD warrants, APD house raids/searches, shooting you with a flare gun, physically interacting with your hostages. <<< FROM THE RULES PAGE... EXAMPLE IS INTERACTING WITH RESTRAINED PLAYER NOT THE PROCESS OF RESTRAINING... thanks shaun for not helping so far.. i dunno how to change your mind if you wont read what im saying.
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