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  1. Its called a money sink dummy. games do it to take money out of the game because too many ppl have money. it helps economy
  2. medics fucking sit afk no matter what they are god damn useless might as well let them throw their money away
  3. hilarious man! good job on this one. haha just can't get over it! once again bro good job this was hilariooussss hahaha
  4. imagine crying about arma credits
  5. If you view my profile again without asking there will be some serious consequences buddy

    1. iamvaltrix


      Fuck you your an African American

  6. Hello airs. 

  7. thats a dude you want a womanly man to bend u over and fuck u? 100% male
  8. in this game, direct chat counts as "effects". Earplugs however, turn down all the other effects and leaves the direct chat volume up. VON is only for group chat and vehicle chat and so on
  9. if u were gay, which one of these studs would you let fuck u in the ass @Pancake
  10. Hey Merp the Admin/Mod is asking if you will allow me to comp you for the situation at Gun Store the other day. Is that fine he asked me to message you. Let me know thank you.

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    2. Bruiser


      My bad don't know how to use this


    3. Merpfer


      lol no fuck u

    4. Civak


      31 minutes ago, Merpfer said:

      lol no fuck u

      damn dude I didn't even report you for the attempted RDM + CL and you won't even free my boy that's wild

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