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Regular hex helmets

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I might be the only person that get's a little pissy at this, but I feel like the green hex / pilot fatigues are the only uniforms that are really usable. I miss having the shit-brown hex helmets available.

Any way we could get the regular hex defender helmet / assassin's helmet so that we could actually have matching (ish) gear?

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Yeah, I agree. We need more diverse clothing options, considering more than half of rebels use Pilot Coveralls, GA, and Kitbag MTP. The only thing that is sometimes different is headwear. I've seen people use booniehats (What I use), sometimes the baseball caps, and some people, such as decimus, wear some weird blue bandanna.  Recon Fatigues [MTP] should be added, as well as other things.

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The thing is it's not even about balance right now. The brown hex helmets are the same balance wise as the green hex... and adding them would make you not look like garbage while wearing the brown fatigues.

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On a similar note, why not have to the regular olive-skinned GAs? If both those things were added, we could get many more different still balanced loadouts, like this:


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31 minutes ago, tkcjesse said:

Even if more uniforms were added, people wouldn't use them due to the pilot coveralls being in there. There is a reason why they're only using pilot coveralls. There's already 10+ uniforms in there. 

So let's dump the coveralls?

But to get us back on track: I'm talking about cosmetic things. Adding the other skins for things that are already in the shop. In particular, the regular hex helmets (assassin and defender), and maybe the olive GAs. Could even throw in the urban versions to increase usage of the urban CSATs maybe?

Could be just me, but I don't REALLY see a downside to that other than shop menu clutter.

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20 hours ago, Augustus said:

some people, such as decimus, wear some weird blue bandanna.

I say we add a cowboy hat for decimus so he can feel at home

I agree thought that it would be nice to have some more clothing options and armor options in the store as I think RP wise it would be cool for there to be enough variance for gang outfits, idk though

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