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H1Z1 Gift Trade for Items

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Ill give you a origin account with BF4 or a CSGO Smurf Acc and a mill in game. (BF4 + Mill in Arma III or CSGO + Mill in Arma III) for you to gift me h1z1 on steam

Also you can message me if you want something else or what but I just made a thread like this but Now I know I have stuff to offer. Don't flame. I'm a broke guy.

I can also do graphics design if you are interested but we can work that out


H1Z1 King Of The Kill BTW

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Just now, Jpeg said:

You actually get money from that?


0.01 Dollars A Review 

5 minutes ago, Dinosaurlazers said:

What H1Z1 game or do you want both?

I don't know if you want to take the deal but If so I know you are new to the forums so I'll message you. You should find it once I send it

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