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Locked Support Staff is awful!!!!!


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I been sitting here in team speak since 11:30 its now 4:10 my time pretty much time for me to stream and I still haven't been helped by a admin I was ban on a misunderstanding and Plumber haven't been on since last night any everyone acting like they dont have a clue how to help me I got cuffed for a 1k bounty and I was in HQ  and my game crashed I come ban to a dam ban 1k really man why in the hell would i try to dodge 1k bounty

smh and still no help 


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Kimbo, they aren't "Awful", you want to talk to Plumber, but he isn't online, deal with that... He has a life too you know, also you should have logged back in and turned yourself in, that's what you need to do when your game crashes with a bounty(obviously only when in custody of APD or a Vigilante). when Plumber gets on you can't expect him to talk to you immediately either, as he may want to do other things. But just be patient, you will get spoken to eventually(hopefully).

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3 hours ago, Kimbo said:


Ok well first of all you should calm down. @Liam Chapman is right these admins have lives they have friends, responsibilities and jobs and theyre not gonna hop on TS when Mr. Kimbo commands it, you can wait like a lot of people do too, you've only waited 5 hours some people wait like 3 days and they still dont bitch like you do because they understand that other people have lives which is something you need to figure out. So you should really CALM DOWN and wait, also you're not the center of the world like you think you are. 


Have a nice day and enjoy your phatty ban - Loopz (I'm triggered)


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Never in history has telling someone to calm down, calmed anyone down. I get that its frustrating. Sometimes your play times don't always align with someone else. At this point it might be better to take a step back and wait out the ban. And when things are going a bit better. Speak with the admin and have the issue cleared up. You wont get your day back in life, but you can clear your name... Hope this is of help!



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