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  1. Coming to an appeal near you!


    1. Dealer
    2. Soulz


      You have 8 hours in game

  2. Gosh, you really got me there! Sick burn!
  3. Man I love reading these comments. Y'all fucked up. Looks like a few window lickers came out here. Regardless of how you feel, I'm still going to trash talk, who doesn't like some good trash, right Olympus?
  4. he makes them so he can @everyone in discord.
  5. Also, when you're ready to change hands again. I'd like to put a formal offer in. So before you make a post handing the keys way down to rex. Think of me.
  6. Dont make me destroy you in another discord rap battle. I HAVE NO CHAINS HERE.
  7. Wow, I am speechless to say the least. It seems like just yesterday @xanx caught us conspiring to unban people from Asylum to tank Olympus. I thought our master plan would thrive for so much longer, looks like I will have to speak with the new owner now! Moving on. I am sending as many well wishes your way as I possibly can. I can't even begin to imagine a minute in your shoes right now. I hope that everything works out as it should. I speak for everyone on the team of staff at Asylum, we wish you the best and a speedy recovery. As you move into your advisory role, I would like to pitch a few ideas. Not that you'll be a double agent or anything. But ya know. God speed, Mitch
  8. Hey Olympus, This was quite a read. However, I wanted to settle the rumours as much as I can. I can absolutely assure you that there is no master plan in regards to our cooperation with Olympus on our player bans. We are under new ownership and are reviewing how things are done. I'm not going to elaborate here further out of respect. I think a healthy rivalry is important as it will keep both sides on their toes, honest and true to their player base. I encourage you to support your team here. They had no control over the decisions we made at Asylum. It's not fair to ridicule their accomplishments and daily work with unfounded facts and wrongful assumptions. I wish Olympus the best, and if I could ever be of help, my offer is there. They (Olympus) have always extended the same and have worked hard to keep our lines of communication open. It's my hope that these lines can remain open for the various reasons that could potentially benefit both of the communities regardless of decisions that are being made on Asylum. With regards, Mitch
  9. Never in history has telling someone to calm down, calmed anyone down. I get that its frustrating. Sometimes your play times don't always align with someone else. At this point it might be better to take a step back and wait out the ban. And when things are going a bit better. Speak with the admin and have the issue cleared up. You wont get your day back in life, but you can clear your name... Hope this is of help!
  10. Mitch (IFRIT)


    Can we get some awesome IFRIT skins?
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