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Feedback And Apology To Snake

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The feedback i received today from you guys was just remarkable and acted the way i would expect of serious players of Altis life such as yourselves. I know sometimes i do get caught up in the game and in my rebel personality so i would like to apologize to anyone who i have made any nonpositive remarks towards, there is one person who i would like to call out on that note. Snake this is to you buddy, we really got off on the wrong foot a week ago and i may not have been on my best behavior, i hope we can meet again in game and actually work together as a team. As for everyone else guys lets work together out there to have the fun we all want. I know some of you speak of things that need to be done and rampant RDM well guys lets work together to see that happen, lets submit those tickets to root out all those bad apples and make a server i call my home all the more better. Seriously guys when you see me out there send me a message i am always down for whatever.Also i want to say thank you to all the active admins on the forums, you're constant feedback and quick replies are a real help so on behalf of my friends and i, thank you. 

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