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Quick vigilante question

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Recently started to become a vigilante. Do you get a taser as a vigilante or do you just use rubber bullets? I bought the Stinger 9mm, does that clip under it already have the rubber bullets in it or is there another place that I find those? Also, what is the other weapon on the Vigilante market? Is it a lethal or non lethal weapon? Thanks for any help! I appreciate it. 


And where do do I find the taser at also?

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The Ghillie is bought from rebel. Any items that you don't see in any civillian shop is from rebel.

14 minutes ago, UKCATSFAN said:

Another quick question, I've seen guys running around with their ghillie on. Is that in the game somewhere or is that a mod they're bringing in? 


Again, thanks for the help. 



Any item not found in any civilian shop is from rebel.

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