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Tazing & Restraining the Good Review!!

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I know this another topic about tazing cops and restraining blah blah blah but i actually like this new addition.

I dont get what peoples problem is with this taze a restraining shit! ive played for the past 3 days & nights and have not been restrained once, ive been tazed a few times but ive never put myself into a position where i can be taken.

If you are that bothered about it dont put yourselves into an easy capture! specially in kavala civs wont dare try when you have 2 or 3 cops to hand, every cop that ive heard moan about this have either been unlucky and been the last guy in the wave or have patroled on their own making themselves easy targets.

Tbh this makes cops want to respect there lives abit more rather than "i dont have to re-buy my gear so dieing doesnt matter" now you can get tazed and now loose your shit!! i think its a great addition!


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1 minute ago, Jesse said:

TBH, should make it so if you drop your gear that it syncs and you have to rebuy it...

It used to be like once you drop it or use it, it's gone. 

Ex: Use a first aid kid or mag you have to rebuy it. 

Idk if it's still like that but it used to be.

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2 minutes ago, Jesse said:

Erm, for some reason I was thinking that you maintained your primary shit for reason. Idk.. Never been taken hostage as cop. So idk.. for some reason was thinking that you maintained your shit last sync'd purchased shit. NEVERMIND me...lel.

I have no idea what this means but k!

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if you got robbed and you decided to kill yourself after ( Not that your ment to but ive seen it happen ) you would spawn back with gun only and with its attachments but have no clothes, vest or backpack. If you can RP it well you can usaully keep the backpack as its "invisible". Not sure if thats a thing still.

If it did sync the way you said would that change the fact you respawn with all your gear after dieing normally?

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Heres the thing cops play super fucking risky they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Now that theres a risk to being a cop and playing like a autist people will bitch and moan. Just dont play like you did 2 months ago and actually play tactically 

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35 minutes ago, RogueMK said:

If you can RP it well you can usaully keep the backpack as its "invisible". Not sure if thats a thing still.

It has been debated before and decided you are to drop your backpack as the invisibility is only for aesthetics. This was a couple Chiefs ago, but unless GOAT says differently you are supposed to drop it.

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