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Olympus 2 best players of all servers

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Selling a house/garage combo in Server 2 in DP 9 and DP 14 :D!



Ayyyyyyy, DP 14 still up for sale? If it is, don't let anyone buy it until you give me a chance to 1up their price.

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went to epoch and server 2 is dieing from the constant trolling and mutiple videos from crying nerdz everytime they lose a fight EPDB's leader got banned as did a few of the members because they broke the rules and a Nerdz member was recording it.



Fixed that for you.

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Lol bro please you begged to be in EPDB remember that? i do lol. Mcguire is the only one that got banned so try again lol


No reason to bash.


The other day you said you don't remember me, now you remember that I begged to get in? 


honeybooboo pls


I offered to help McGuire with a drug run once, never even asked to be in EPDB. Never actually was in the gang for that matter. I just ran with you guys for like, 2 days.

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You did beg i was in that gang i remember them talking about it want to know why people liked us over TCA and NERDZ we didnt fuck with people 24/7 at least the ones tryiny ti just make some money we did big busts and mostly runs EPDB is still alive btw


Come up with better material at least.

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