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Gold wreck server?

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Noticed the other day that a server had a add on that was called Gold Wreck.Maybe this could be looked at to see if this would be a good idea or maybe a bust that just lags the server maybe but if there is a gold drop on the server and we have alot of people going to it something good will happen.

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Maybe this could be used on the test server for a month and see how this works because this brings another element to the game that would be fun.We can run drugs and search for a quick steal of another persons booty or rob the fed plus break someone from jail which is an option to do so but when someone drops quite a bit of money on the map in a certain area.We now have everyone wanting this element and that could get good !!

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Ill say in dayz epoch this was the best aspect of the mod itself and that was to go get the drops and meet people at them and have battles for the booty.Building houses and collecting loot was fun but then the sickness of not seeing people around was getting to me but when the crate drops Arma happens right?

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We had it but it was causing players to randomly turn into seagulls ._.

I'll code something similar or modify the old one that we used to prevent any issues like that.

Just call it "The cursed shipwreck" and now it's as custom feature!!

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