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So I've been trying to change my signature on the forums as I am no longer an apd or r&r member and no matter what I try to put in it I seem to have spanned too many lines. Even when I try to put gifs or pictures it tells me the dimensions are too big or the file is too big. I've seen people put lots of shit in their sigs that are bigger than 620x137 and add more than the maximum amount of lines and was wondering how u guys managed to put pictures or gifs in and bypass this problem or if Im the only one having this problem?



I managed to remove the apd and r&r text  but im still unable to add images or gifs :/

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Im able to edit my Signature with whatever i want, just added 3 pictures to test to my current signature, used to be 3 Links/Pictures and 4 Lines i think, dont know what has changed, im sure a admin/mod will be able to clear this up.

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