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Say hello to [POTP] L3g1t

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Well hello fellow Altinians of the Olympus world! Great to be a part, I have played here for a few months now, but only now am I getting active in the Forums, because I honestly feel like being a bit more a part of the community! So I am L3g1t from the POTP gang originating from Server 1, I very much enjoy the role playing and robbing people of their vehicles and money in general. I do record all of my gameplay on Twitch, and make highlights of the funnest times I've had so far, Like the .50 cal escapade with Renegades, Stealing =A= Tragics chrome mohawk, Ghost Hawk fun with .50 cals. and I'll probably add a Terror video later this week ;) server 1 beware of Kavala!  I enjoy playing with the POTP gang, because the name is very cool, and very true, and because I enjoy my fellow members and our generally professional gameplay and roleplaying. I am soon to play as a cop as soon as I pass my interview again, although I will be playing COP under an alias, so none of you shall know my identity! Anyway, drop by say hello, and see you on the MSR, or in the airways as I do prefer flying! :)

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