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Drug Run Protection SERVER #3

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Are you a new gang or group that is scared to do a run because you dont want to get cucked by a big gang? Do you play on Olympus server 3? Well contact one of the Nexus members asking about run protection. Our preferred server is number 3 but can be done on other servers. Our rates depend on how many people you will be looking for and what you will be trying to get done. Obviously a more expensive drug that is done by the bigger gangs will cost more. 

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I would laugh my ass off this is how it would go "ok little Timmy you payed us to cover you doing apples we will keep you safe" little Timmy " thanks guys your so strong and nice your the best! " you know Timmy your welcome NOW PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP AND DROP ALL THE FUCKIN APPLES" Little Timmy (pulls out a rook all of his group gets rook banged)


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