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cops are at a disadvantage in my opinion because coming from the people that know me i kill a lot of cops and from my point of view i've played both and if you're good at the game it's hard for cops to be able to get you without killing you because if you position correctly and make it tough for them to reach once you get downed you will be able to heal and re position by the time they get there. but i guess you need an okay shot to kill them since they do have the nice vest but i just shoot for the head :P

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I feel there is way to much hate towards the apd... The swat is a great idea but there should be rules to them like they can only be called on in fed robs and jail break and maybe hostage situations. Enough on my opinion though what do you guys think of that?

My opinion nahhh Sheriffs Office on the other hand yes they can patrol outside of cities while APD is stuck to cities and not outside all the way in the salt plains patrolling when they're assigned to Kavala.
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