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Had a great time with noobs...

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So was in kavala the other day and decided to lockpick a apd hatchback which isnt worth crap or i must say a measly 14k but anyway thought it would be cool to get a car full of noobs and run around and show them how its done.Ended up being chased by NASCAR clan and the apd and to beat it all the nascar clan got busted instead of us lol.Then was able to save one of the noobs from two coppers at one point.We ended up getting in my iffrit and running around trying to kill some peeps and being chased some more before finding a chopper next to marijuana processor and it was stuck in a tree so wth i pushed the tree over i mean i have a iffrit what else could work out for us ?>.../? So i let the noob get my lockpicks and finally lockpick the chopper and repaired it for him as well but to no prevail since we were camped by potp the whole time waiting for us to fix the dag gumb chopper but anyway the point being this noobie had a blast and that just made my day.I mean they may be annoying sometimes and ask tons of questions but if your not making them get in trouble then they are not learning right?LMao alot of people get on this game and have no background of any fps and are clueless and its like a kid opening up a batman toy at christmas when a person rolls up in a rebel offroad or iffrit or steals a cop car and says lets go dude picking peaches is small time i need a robin(meaning batmans sidekick for dummies) even though they could not even be able to drive in real life and im either scaring the sh** out of them or turning them into a kavala troll and there butthole is the size of a needle at some points in time but its all good i pay their bail as well.. LOL...


Also took two other noobies out the day before and we decided to fly around first trying to rob people who were robbing the gas stations then trying to find some peeps at processing.Which we were able to kill a few and the noobs got their first blood.Well then i also was able to show them how not to land a chopper on a vehicle spawn post that turned the chopper sideways and blew us all up so that was some learning as well always have to show them how not to do things right lol... Anyway took them out in the new bench seat chopper which ended up in a chase from a little bird by the ® clan that ended up killing one of our noobs and a high speed chase to which i have no clue how they found us at oil trader trying to repair then again at the rebel base its almost like someone was giving us up not sure how but anyway the show up at rebel and we are able to shoot them down which is +1 for noobs team and also kill another guy running around in his hatchback who kills our other noob but end up with my chopper garaged and two vehicles and a katiba.The main thing is they all had fun and was a good learning experience to all plus an all around big win for the Ghost Ops...

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no no this was just a hostage situation but we decided to run from mushroom processor and we lost them for over three mins then they all of a sudden show up where we were landed to repair the chopper which they had to re engage rp since it was such a long time but then we left and got away again and flew south and back north to rebel outpost and they find us again after about another 8 mins so i think someone or somehow they were being tipped but not sure.

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