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My First Time becoming a MILLIONAIRE on Arma 3 Altis Life!

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Now this my sound a bit funny to all! But I just realize that Thursday when I was doing a run with my boy FLASHBACK30 and we both made about 1.5 mil in one run doing Frog LSD. I mean that was the most craziness shit I every seen in my ArmA 3 Altis life! Well I guess I will be making more money these days doing that! OH YEAH! 


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Congrats, man! It might seem sarcastic, but you have to start somewhere, right? Just make sure you invest that, and make sure it'll make it a bit easier to continue making money for you. For example, save up and buy a house and, since you're a donator, get containers. You can store loads more drugs, and sell a lot more at one time. Cha-ching, right? Along with that, make sure you buy large trucks, such as the Tempest or HEMTT Box, but ensure you do bring friends along to protect it, since they're high-profile, and someone might want to pick on you.


But hope to see you around man, and congratulations again :D

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