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Point me in the right direction please.

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An APD member decided to make up his own rules and do something out of the rulebook to ruin my chances of escaping. 

How do i reach the HIGHEST AUTHORITY on the APD

for server 2


To speak on TS3 about this (with footage)


I'm one step closer to the edge, and i'm about to quit.

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If someone broke the rules whether they are playing Civ or Cop then a ticket should be submitted so it can be handled by an admin.  Staff will decided how far the punishment needs to go, whether someone just needs to be talked to or if they need to take a break for a few days or even be removed completely.


This is also the quickest way to ensure that it gets dealt with.

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Nah unfortunately my GeForce had to be reinstalled due to it being a shit program and it reset my shadowplay to 5 minutes rather than 10 minutes. The wrongdoing was around 6 minutes so there won't be sufficient evidence, however there is enough evidence to present to an official APD higher up so they can keep a sharp eye on said person.


It's sort of like the OJ simpson trial.... everyone knows what happens we just don't have the evidence to put him down.

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