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Mr. Theaks Mega Lottery

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So this idea hatched out of my rental property idea.

I will be using the lottery to pick winners to recive bonus wining.

The idea here is you have to buy at least one lottery ticket (no limit) and send me 50k aswell.(pricing subject to change)

The winner of the lottery (pending funds to me) will win extra commodities like moonshine.


I could match the total lotto amount with the commodites. Ie. 1mil would = est. Value of the commodity.

I could do smaller amounts but still make it to where you double your winnings.

I could also do little lottos.

The price for each type would vary.

So you could spend 100k and wins a mil and get a mil in moonshine.

I like the medum to smaller lotto rewards as more people could win extra.

I will use any profits from the ticket price I receive to enhance and upgrade properties and asset I rent out. I have a new house I will be upgrading for rent shortly.

Upon the lottery picking it's winner that person will get a private message from with a convent time and place that is safe and agreed upon by me. (Pending they paid my ticket fee) if they didn't pay the fee and won, we'll at least they won the lottery.

I'm trying to enhance parts of the game that could really help new players stick around instead of getting bleed dry by campers.

I would love to hear constructive ideas and feed back.

This works because I'm trust worthy, and if you don't know me or dont trust me that's understandable just don't particibale.  So far my house rentals idea is going great.

Good luck!

Mr. Theak

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Let's say 10 people buy a lottery ticket at 50k a pop thats 500k, let's say 4 people pay my 50k ticket price, I get 400k.

The winner now gets 500k and 500k worth of moneshine*

Also to clerify, the moonshine was left over from a contract that they did not have time to finish selling, or didn't want to. I ran the idea of doing a huge lottery winner (250+ mushrooms) but he added I could do smaller ones and I added a few ideas to that.

On the same note. Someone who didn't pay my ticket price could win and I would keep said 400k. And then maybe add that mooneshine to the next round till someone wins it all.

Could take a day I could keep doing it for awhile.

The cool thing would be if you spend 100k and won 2 mil what a return on your investment.

No stings, this will be transparent as the lottery system picks the winner.

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