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>Be Me

>Work at Sam's Club in the Tire and battery department.

>Want to become Civ Rep to get a car mod upgrade so that when someone acquires your keys by lock picking it puts a speed bomb on it.

>Have a dream last night.

>Become Civ Rep

>Get car bombs implemented.


>Develop PTSD from that dream.

>Go to work at Sam's club the next day. (Today)


>Tries to cope with my recently developed PTSD

>Say "It was just a dream" every 30sec while opening the shop.

>MFW a Muslim is our first appointment, Witch was a battery install. 


LMFAO This actually happened. The car was normal Thank God. And I talked to the Muslim chick afterwards. She was very sweet and kind! 

Just thought Id share this. It makes me laugh. 

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