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Apd interview times

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So i did my interview a couple of months ago and my friend just got accepted and he cant find anything about the times on the teamspeak or anywhere else. I'm pretty sure that they where mon-fri at 7PM CST. however I am not sure. can anyone clear this up for us? thanks all

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Once a application have been submitted a senior APD member will review and leave a reply with what to do next.



Please read the whole thread. He said his friend was accepted so the senior apd already replied. 


OP they removed the times they do them and it's more so a if you are there when they feel like it they will do it schedule. 

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Most of the time interviews won't be done unless there is an Admin available to whitelist. This doesn't always mean that when an Admin is online, they are available to whitelist. Sometimes they are busy with something else.


We're behind a bit on interviews thanks to the holidays, but hopefully we'll be back on top of them with the new year.

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