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Locked Honestly... I may be done for the new years. 50/50.

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I'm tired of seeing admins or moderators play with normies.

i'll say it.

I find it just...unfair.


I come from a different game entirely where admins and moderators are forbidden to play with normies unless it's as an enemy. So basically they would come online as a group of admins/mods and play as a gang themselves where not a normie infected their ranks so as to not show favoritism.


When I see mods playing with normies like i do everyday...it literally pisses me off to the brink of just leaving Arma entirely.



So as many of you are probably happy to see me angry/disheveled/upset about this, i'll just tell you i'm going to give you what you want out of this and show my frustrations here.


This favoritism +  the lack of my tickets being answered after i tried hard everyday to get the mass rdm'ers and combat loggers kicked off this server has just worn me down.


As i'm posting this about mods/admins being associated with normies i'll just add these



  • Must be at least 18+ and mature
  • Must know and fully understand all server rules
  • Must be unbiased to all players        x
  • Must not have any issues with being banned in the past on our servers
  • Must have a calm head on your shoulders
  • Must fully understand roleplay
  • Must be willing to help with server,website and/or Teamspeak duties as needed
  • Must not be in a gang or associated with one      x
  • Must have at least a minimum of 1 month on the server. This includes being active, known and trusted among the player base and other staff
  • Must have a mic and able to speak clear English so players can hear and understand you.

I put x's on the moderator guidelines that i have seen broken daily by moderators/admins.....if you don't want me bitching just take those 2 off the requirements of the moderators rules and I will be silent. But as for being associated with gangs....you being in the same chopper/firefights with them is being associated with a gang, the tickers are clear as day. 


Not to mention, lets say you're running with civi streamgod 1 and he VDM's/RDM's someone on accident, this situation happens every now and then so putting it off as an accident because he's your friend would mean that he wouldn't get the same punishment as the person who accidentally RDM's/VDM's you or your close friend. Which is also why i take the association of Civi's/gangs seriously...this just seems too unfair. (It also makes us NOT want to follow the rules as you're showing favor)


Flame me for speaking out against what i call favoritism if you want, i'm just trying to get things noticed and out there so the non-affiliated civi's can feel like we're not being rapecaged by Admin's/moderators and their 15 followers that I feel they shouldn't be associated with.


This will probably be shit all over so don't expect me to reply for a bit.







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I've watched admin and mods streaming/playing a lot and have never seen them do anything that a normal civ wouldn't do, never gave money never let them off the hook for doing anything wrong. I mean I could understand if these normies as you call em got special treatment but they don't. And as for them playing. There's not many and they're not always on, and admin/mods deserve to play and have fun on this server too. Now if you saw something I didn't and someone did in fact get special treatment then give that info/evidence to hades or Poseidon and they'll deal with it. Otherwise I see no issue with them having as much fun as we do on the servers they preside over out of their own love for the game. Remember they don't get payed.

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I personally like that they play with other players, I've always loved the stance for staff to be more involved with the community, it allows them to get to know the players and vice versa. 


You say its unfair for them to play with "Normies" but in my opinion, with all that they do for the server, it seems to me that it would be unfair if they weren't allowed to play with their friends on the very server they do so much for in the first place just because their friends so happen to not be OS Staff.


That's just my opinion, there are pros and cons to both methods. E.G. Having staff excluded from playing with non-staff vs letting Staff play with non-staff.


Both philosophies have good outcomes, but I personally prefer the one they have here at Olympus.

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My only problem is that i run with a gang and we show our tickers...these guys run in a clusterfuck of no tickers, so when we send in the text that we're going on a counter-offensive and some random damn kid gets shot by us in crossfire....how the fuck are we going to be able to "sleep at night" without worrying about being banned on the server? 


Hence why i hate Mods/admins playing with civis, it's nerve-wracking, then when we get in combat it just feels like you're going to be banned for killing them lol. 


Then when you see them running with a couple [burBan] tickers you just feel like it's ok for formerly known RDM'ers (from my early altis life) to just play and break rules....i grow so weary of filming everyday.... I came into contact with a cop today running with 2 rebel geared wanted men near an illegal zone trying to hunt down my gang as we literally weren't shooting/killing anyone, we were watching the outcome of the fight, he was conversing with them as they were texting us telling us to put our hands up (rebels were) one of us got caught by the scope of the rebel and he complied to put his hands up, then his friend came up behind him and shot him in the fucking head.


HOW the fuck can we even keep playing with such abuse?

How can we put up with this nonsense?

Will you have another gang leave the olympus server? We're fucking fed the fuck up and it's ridiculous. 

I really really wish i was running shadow in my background for what was going to be a small harvesting op just to film this cop doing the wrongdoing....but then again...even if i was who would care since he's in the most populated gang on the server,and is their main content creator?

just....fuck man.

I don't know if the APD remembers me from my vigilante days but we had a great relationship as i was a vigi...but now that i'm on the rebel side I can see so much bullshit going on and it saddens me.



Sorry if i offended any moderators/admins in making it sound like i was trying to take away your right to play with friends who aren't moderators/admins, i let my emotions get to me.

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Well I can see you really just wanted to get that off your chest. Let me start by saying that yes there are some issues with rdm and such and not sure who's with who, it was a lot easier when there was association, but now there's not. In my experience if you are in a firefight RP already initiated, and you shoot some dumbass who decided to come see what all the shooting was about, they have absolutely no right to complain and I have never gotten in trouble for it. The cop, if they were on as a cop should not have sat there while someone robbed you, but who knows maybe he was taken hostage, if you had taken vid of it and submitted it, that would have helped.

All I can suggest for your getting killed by other gangs is to fight back, be tactical and strategic and fight back, rob them! Big known gangs like burban in server 3 and how potp at least was and R was in server 1 never really had issues because people wouldn't want to mess with them. So it frees them up to mess with you, notice when potp and A or R were fighting each other there was a lot less bullying of the little guy. Now just stick up for yourselves and if you're better you'll win, if your not keep trying till you win. Just a suggestion.

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lol i called this forum post coming, this kid cries on the forums. What are they gods where they can't play with "normies." You are a sad soul and i wish you would leave honestly no telling how many post you cry on and they get locked dude gtfo. You say you aren't going to reply because this post is so ignorant you know the shit is coming. As we say stay a TRASHBAG FOR LIFE. This kid is so salty i even think Quan is jealous because that kid is a shitter but at least he doesn't cry about it on 100 posts. Good luck to you bud, your ignorance level is so high that i can't bare to read all of this lol


Oh yea instead making 3 hour long forum posts try actually playing instead of crying it might help your shot a little.

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Honestly i read about 7 words and was so mad i had to walk away...


Im gonna go ahead and get this out there for everyone to see.


Admins/Mods can play with whoever the f*** they want to, They bust their a** so cockheads like you get to play on our servers. It absolutely pisses me off to read this. If you wanna play on another server then go right ahead kid i promise i will sleep like a baby knowing that the people that bust their a** for a server, gets to play on it. 


I can absolutely assure you that every staff member treats everyone on this server the same.


And quite honestly I dont care if you think this is "unprofessional" im tired of the bull crap posts smack talking to people who work so freaking hard to keep it going just so ungrateful brats like you get to play.


So on a very calm note.



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