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Best at their Weapon of Choice

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Rook- BYRNO- 1 clicked LOST in the face.


PDW- Quaan- 1v6 kids at jail easily


SDAR- Screaming Eagle- killed us while using it during a jail break on cop lol


TRG- IGU group- killed wheat and I with a bunch of TRGs lol


Katiba- Lost- 1 clicks kids 500m+ with it ez mode


Vermin- SassyCat- Only person to kill two people in a matter of seconds with her eyes closed :P


Rahim- ME, only other person i see using it some is Wheatkings so i choose Wheatkings.


MK18- Ace- 800m and in it's no competition good luck to the other shooter


MK200- Lost only one that can actually use it effectively 


ZUBR- Quaan and I for 1 ZOOBING officer Bee in the mouth :P


Lets see what kind of reasoning you have behind these names, why are they so good at them.

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Rook - Tony Vincetti. Kavala Rook Legend, killed 6 randoms and 4 cops before getting away. I got taken hostage from him, he traded me for a spike strip.


PDW - Quann, he really is the undisputed PDW champion


SDAR - Max Rotansky. This guy does jailbreaks and slays cops from the water so often.


TRG - RogueMK. One banged so many cops in kavala.


Katiba - I'll just pick myself, I'm the only one I know that loves using the katiba.


Rahim - Corporal_Moob. Idk what it is that makes him unstoppable when he uses it.


Mk18 - Toe Knee. This guy just goes god mode on groups with this gun, nailing back to back kills long range like its nothing.


Mk200 - Virus. Never seen someone destroy an entire group so quick with this fine piece of machinery


ZUBR - Corporal_Moob again for killing 5 cops in their own HQ before escaping in a chopper. The ONE ZOOBZ are real

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