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how do i start a report do i just do it as a forum

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1 minute ago, [TR]bacon said:

yeah thanks for help but I have now filed 2 reports on same people for 2 different occasions with video evidence yet they still here with there rdm 

Reports take time to complete, there are normally many to do and staff are volunteers 

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17 minutes ago, [TR]bacon said:

okay I appreciate that and get it but he is constantly just kos me with no initation to the point I know need to come of server because im just loosing money from re supply 


Leave the area and make a comp request when the player report is answered

Make sure you have a video of at least 5 minutes.

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The reason for needing a video of 5 minutes is because 5 minutes is the time of engagement. So if that person notified you through voice or text (not side-chat) to put your hands up or die, they essentially have 5 minutes to do anything before it is considered RDM.....after 5 minutes if there was no active engagement then it would be 5 minutes...hope this helps ya out @[TR]bacon


TLDR: Admins need proof of not being engaged for 5 minutes and not in a KOS zone to consider it RDM.

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