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Poseidon And The Gods Among Us Ft Zhi Kratos and Poseidon

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Just want to say thanks Poseidon I see lots of your staff having fun and enjoying the server that you made. Thanks to you I've met lots of new people. Yet we never see you enjoying your creation. Me tried kidnapping you one time and you said "Im doing shit:P" or something around those lines. Then I was breaking Kratos out with my gang...before I crashed my heli which I do a lot, and I was talking to him about the shit staff gets and the fun they really have on the server. He said you have fun coding which is pretty cool because I'm the end it helps us out so we can have fun and you have fun doing it. Just wanted to say thanks for providing the fun we have and also damn you for not getting into the taru when Zhi and I tried kidnapping you. P.S. not trying to suck up just wanted to say thanks:)

Lots of errors on phone

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