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New PC Build WIP

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So I'm looking to get a new tower, since my laptop is becoming outdated, and I don't know too much about which parts are better than which. My friend made a build for around ~$1300 since I figured it's a pretty modest build price. Here's the link for it: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/JoshNaDell/saved/hqvqqs


If any of you guys could take a look at it, and tell me if it's good or which parts I should change out or replace. Any related feedback is appreciated :)

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Seems solid to me. I would say if you can afford to upgrade to an i7 it might be worth it, but in most cases an i5 will cut it as far as modern gaming goes. Arma does lean heavily on your CPU and RAM though more so than your GPU so in terms of JUST playing Arma with it I think the extra money for the i7 would probably be worth it.

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Yo mate, looking like a good build. But if you play a lot of Arma 3, just my suggestion. Drop the GTX to a lower GTX product, and go for a higher up CPU (i6, i7) and that will guarantee 90+ frames. Unless you plan to play GPU games quite a bit also, keep your build!



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