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Locked What the hell happend?

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Alright, I wanted to make a new name for myself besides "Zack". So I created one for Heisenberg, joined a gang named AAF. Now no hate on AAF, I don't know what happend. But basically, I went to the doctor to cut out a bad ingrown toe nail. I come back after about 3 hours and see that I'm banned on the server for CL (Combat Log). Not knowing what this is, I look around for any source of what happend. After looking for about 5 minutes, I realize there is a file in my Videos. Having no clue what this is, I saw that it was a compilation of my character out killing people randomly and logging afterward. I recently gave my older brother (Who has played before) the reigns while I was gone, just to find out He was getting back at me for a personal prank. For any of the people, I apologize for any rash or retarded actions.




                                                                                     Sincerely, Heisenberg.

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