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So its now been a few months i still havent had my ticket even viewed. tried everything contacting other 'moderators' until one finally inboxed me and asked for my ticket number, but due to the website update my ticket number was removed..


Feel like i cant get any support anywhere so ill say it here, I bought a house in Kavala (1.5mill) i used this house for about a month or so, i stopped playing for a week when i came back someone had ownership of the house..(some type of housing update was added which caused this) Im not asking for the house back but atleast the 1.5mill i spent on it. This issue is purly not my fault and i just wanted what i already had..


Thank-you and i hope this gets read i truly enjoy Olympus and dont play anymore due to this throw off 

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The staff have lives, family and other jobs if you didn't know, and the main reason why the tickets aren't getting looked at as much as they were before is because Hades is having so issues with his wife, and its gonna be awhile until everything gets back on track. But another thing you should know, don't bother the admins if you want them to look at a ticket. and I think you should know why.

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The housing is under construction persay atm. Our dev is rewriting the code to hopefully fix alot of the small glitches with houses.For those that haven't received a reply this is why. It isn't we don't care its just extremely hard to fix housing atm and so we are waiting on the fixes to be put in place first. We are trying to get players to get on the Dev server to test things out but with such few numbers it will take longer.


As for the ticket not being seen, Moderators only have access to so much. I myself am the only one other then Poseidon to have access to other parts such as housing info. You are welcome to send me on PM and I can try to look into it for ya but no promises I can do much atm but I will try.

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