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Burban's true colors

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Tonight as an APD member, stationed in kavala, burban's gang (the burrito bandits) captured the nearby gang hideout. 20 minutes later the entire altis police force is on site, having a 10 v 4 with burban. I manage to capture stealth, and begin escorting him back to a vehicle, when he is shot and killed by a fellow member. note; he is wanted for almost 2 million. I myself was a bit discouraged at this point, being that we had went through all the trouble to catch him. but stealth, being the up right guy he is, sends us a text saying that was not intentional, and then came to kavala HQ to turn himself in. this may not seem like much to many of you, but if you think about it, it's a pretty big deal for someone to turn themselves in, on the grounds that they just simply don't want people thinking they're the kind of gang that kills their own members, just to avoid arrest. anyway. my point; they may kick your ass in a gunfight and steal everything you live for, but don't let that fool you, they're some of the most rule abiding and honest players I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. and I thank you for being such an example, stealth, toad, smitty, and everyone else whom I don't have the mental capacity at this hour to name. post-3321-0-43178000-1422351811_thumb.jp


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I have never had a problem with Burban. There have been several occasions where I, or with a team, have gotten these guys and they were always respectful and honest. I have had a couple members turn themselves in on stuff like this. Everyone paints a bad picture on them because they have numbers and can run around and do what they want. They are playing the game like it should be played and I have not witnessed any of them ever breaking the rules or or having a bad situation, like others have mentioned. They have grown as a group, and have done a good job at it. They are not the "bad" guys everyone paints them out to be. *tips hat*


Good job guys.

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I roll with BurBan sometimes and they are a great group of guys! the only reason people hate them or dislike them is in my opinion they are a good gang that reks alot of people and since they get there vehicles chopped by BurBan they immediatly say they are assholes or break rules... Everyone step back and just think of a legit reason why you hate BurBan most people will realize they only hate them becuase they get there vehicles chopped or get killed by them.. Not a real reason get used to it becuase many people kill and or chop your stuff too its not just BurBan and maybe if you pull over and listen to there commands maybe you wont die or get your vehicle chopped...

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