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The Adventure of Officer Jones Part 1

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The Adventures of Officer Jones

Officer Jones thought it was going to be another casual day on the job, but today was going to be one of the most epic situations he would ever encounter.

Dispatch: Car 104 we have 10-65 in progress at Bank of America on 15th street.

Officer Jones: Do we have a description on the Perp?

Dispatch: We have a positive I.D. on the suspect, he goes by the name Xirie aka “Biggie”,around 4’ 10” and 675 lbs.

Officer Jones: Arriving on scene send additional units to my location.

Officer Jones approaches the suspect, when he arrives at the doors he can see multiple hostiles inside, along with many hostages.

Officer Jones: Biggie put the gun down and let me see your hands! Give it up!

Suddenly, Biggie opens fire at Officer Jones, at that moment Officer Jones notices multiple hostiles behind him.
Pinned down with hostile fire Officer Jones needs his fellow role-playing legends to back him up or this could mean he finally meets his demise.

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