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Locked Rule Update 02/12/2018

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  • Head Admin

Simple changes from old complicated to new simple method of terror, also enjoy the correct formatting of the date ^_^

Chapter 10: Declaring Terror on Cities




  1. Terror may be started by hacking into a radio tower in one of the cities.
    1. At least 3 armed people must be present to initiate terror
    2. A hacking terminal is required
  2. Instructions for when terror will start and end are handled by the server, information is displayed through hints on your screen
  3. The players name who hacked the terminal is displayed to the server and all players with the same tags as the initiator are engaged within city limits
  4. If you die in terror NLR does apply, unless epi'd or revived by a medic at location of death.
  5. R&R members are off limits during terror unless they have been directed not to offer services. Refer to R&R Master Handbook for more info.
  6. Terror may only last 30 minutes and may not be called again for another 30 minutes.
  7. Terror encompasses the city and it's respective HQ.


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