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How To Water "Tree" with The Crooks

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LMFAO! love it how u guys are so happy to kill me haha i handed myself into u guys thats why i have no gear lol. dont get so happy now. u never caught me at all. and i knew 100% u guys was going to record it because u was all begging to ask were i was hahahah GG.


But yet you told us to come n get you as well haha 

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but the thing is you guys are hyping over it. i basicly told u were i was. i knew 100% u wanted to record it hahah. u would never find me if i didnt tell u. funny thing is i could of kill all of u guys when u landed in that heli. only if i had a mk18 :D haa


Okkkk lol im not gonna be a little kid and argue over the whole thing its just a game haha 

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