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Having fun so far

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I've been running around Kavala and the surrounding area for about 3 days now and I've been having a blast.  Me and my buddies have been looking for a home server for Altis Life for quite some time and we may end up settling here because this is one of the few Life communities I've seen so far with a level-headed police force and opportunities for newbies to make cash without being spawn camped to hell and back.


I'm not particularly into the role play aspect of Life.  I do enjoy the PvP conflict aspect considerably more but I make every effort to engage within the confines of the server rules.  


In life I'm a 30-something telecommunications contractor.  I've spent a good deal of my time building networks in developing parts of the world, including lengthy stays as a civilian engineer in Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.  I don't really do this type of travel any more as my fiancee was quite unhappy about it: these days I'm working for a rural carrier in Virginia.  And I've never served; although I wanted to when I was younger.


Hope to see you guys in-game!

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Glad you like the server!


I did not like Role Play aspect neither, until I started to get into it. Getting out of tickets by having weed on you by saying it is for medical treatment, convincing and such is great.

The more you role play, the better it gets - you go from 'Ugh, you got me. Lets pay the ticket' into 'Sir, the whole thing is false! I did not kill anyone, willingly! Mr. Ares over there

forced me to do this! I never wanted to, he made me pull the trigger' <-- that is the funniest part of the server.

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I came into Kavala this morning to turn myself in and clear a drug trafficking bounty at the request of an APD deputy as a training exercise for one of the cadets.  I didn't even try to talk my way out of it but the deputy was kind enough to reduce the price of the ticket in exchange for cooperating.


I'm not really sure how I got the bounty to begin with.  It may have something to do with an SUV full of weed I had to abandon because I smashed into a rock wall.  


I'll try to get more into the RP bits.  Especially since I love watching streamers like Frankie take hostages and negotiate for ridiculous demands, like a Tempest full of apples!  That cracked me up.

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