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Yep just me

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 in game name QKSILVR73.


Ive been around for a couple months just never introduced myself. Always on Server 3. Too bad they are killing it. :/


You'll usually find me doing legal stuff in Olympus and running around single. Yeah it has it's downfalls but I don't mind. :D


I'm usually am on around 12-7am on the weeks I work 2nd shift. 


Please don't shoot me. LOL



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So i have been getting alot of your name is dumb and what's your name mean in game. It's a name I've had used since I bought a 2000 Ford SVT Lightning which is Silver in color. My plates say QKSILVR on them. I just added 73 as that's the year I was born. So there ya have it. If you look at my profile you'll see part of it. 

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