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How to make easy money in the new map.

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So after playing a little bit yesterday, I have found out a few easy methods of making money. The first thing to do is use your money to buy a license and a car. Then you should do DP missions until you have enough to buy a gun (either from the gun shop or from the gang hideouts if you can afford or are a part of a gang). Then as soon as you have one, keep doing DP missions and if you happen to come across any gas stations that are far away from the Police HQ's, go ahead and rob them with your gun.


I had a DP mission that took me from Kavala to Sophia and I made 50K, and robbing a gas station usually brings in about 30-50K. It may not be the best method out there, but it is the best I have found so far. Also, depending on where your DP missions take you, take advantage of the moneymaking options in the area. For example, after I dropped off the package in Sophia, I bought a copper license for 9k, picked copper at the copper mine down the road, and drove back to kavala (because that's where I usually like to hang out) to sell the copper at the trader. From the copper alone, I made 70k.






In my personal opinion about the new update, I feel that the prices have been reduced far too much. I agree that the prices were too high before, but the current state of the economy leaves everyone farming for hours to gain little money. Also the dragging restrained people is a little annoying and buggy when I play cop. However, I really enjoy the rest of the new features such as: gun shops being outside of towns, drug cartels, and alphabetized lists (I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE).


All in all, good job Olympus staff. I really appreciate all that you guys do to improve the servers. While this update definitely has its fair share of bugs and problems, I am sure that you guys will do your best to solve them and make changes to help the servers. :)

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The DP and gas stations have had there prices reduced to be inline with the economy. You should not longer get $50k from a DP run and the gas stations are much lower. It was something we missed and have since corrected. The restrain drag is something I'm not a fan of but we will see how it goes for a bit before possibly doing anything. I was able to make roughly $80k last night doing a copper run, took bout 45 minutes total in an offroad. This is much more inline then making $300k or so off a single copper run. As said in another posts we may make small tweaks but the old style of getting money is gone. It will be harder to make money but at the same time it will add more to the experience for players. Alot of people are used to the old pricing we had and so it will take time to adjust to the change. There is no reason a person should do a single run and get a full load-out as well as having extra money left. It should take someone a few runs to get the nicer things.

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