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Riven the man....the ....taco?

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Just needed to get my hi's in.  have been on Olympus for a bit now.  I think I going to call this place home.  I have in joy every one here but damn MC :P  makes my cop days hard. 


A bit about my self.  I be James!  but riven is fine.  work full time and had dreams of being  in the army....dreams that where shot down due to well things. noting like breaking the law in fact more due to my heath.  so arma has been my half butt way to fill that need.  work a ton so my times can be lacking.  I can be seen on server 2 or 3 when it gets up.  can't do 1 due to my F**k up with cheat engine.  no this is not a beg to get me unban as it was my F up.  I forgot to shut it off when I got done playing skyrim.....yep hell of a way to get ban so for all that read this SHUT IT OFF!



I can got ahold of on steam.  riven311 is me.  most my time is in arma but play tons out side it


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Ya bum restrained me without saying APD and accused me of the shots which were MK18 shots. I'm too broke for that also I was a flippin freshie ;)


Welcome to da Olympus doe <3

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