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Hacked or comped money?

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So yesterday, about 30 minutes before the hacker decided to go rouge on server 3. Both me and alot of other players recieved 8 million, and some told that it was some sort of compensation because of the earlier situation. But because the hacker situation yesterday happened right after that I would figure it'd be hacked money. Do anyone know if it was comped or hacked? Because I do no longer have it.

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17 hours ago, OlympusAccount said:

The fuck happened earlier that'd be worth 8 mil?

People thougt that it was comp for after all the problems with the hacker where it was chaos for some days. Just like people had bern comped 200 warpoints in the hacker situation before.

I thougt 8 mill sounded kinda much for comp. That’s why I was wondering.

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