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What are the times the cops can pull you over for not having lights on

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Are there designated times that cops can pull civs over for not having there lights on, got pulled over at the time of day when you can just barely see the lights I think it was like 17:30 or so.

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No set times are in place but my general rule is if street lights are on so are your car lights.

Mmmhmm I think bill might've been a little butthurt after the to titaning to the crooks so he was just pulling everyone over for stupid stuff
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I mean if it was dark and your lights weren't on that's a valid ticket. I do it all the time regardless of who it is.

It was the afternoon if I would've had my lights on you could barely see them anyways

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No at all..... The sun wasnt out at the time and you needed lights on to drive through areas that didn't have street lights so therefor you needed your lights on..... I was using my lights even in the main city you could easily see that they improved your vision while driving

If ur going to sit here and say I was pulling people over for stupid reasons just becuase I got titaned that's ridiculous..... Police officers aren't bounty hunters, we are here to make altis safe so with that being said if I saw anyone breaking a law that could end up in any sort of disaster hell Ya I will pull them over for it. I'm not just going to drive around and look for bounties....

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