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Hey guys, recently i got myself a small private server so a few mates and i can do some coop arma missions together but i seem to be having a little trouble getting missions i have uploaded to run...not sure where i'm going wrong and the trying to find a solution to the vague guides n answers out there is doing my head in lol..if anyone is willing to help me out it just inbox me..will be appreciated

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Depending on the type of server your trying to get setup its best to refer back that mod mains website. For example Altis Life has alot of info on its forums if that is your pleasure same with Wasteland. The first place to always start is the main website as most info can be found there.


If you using a dedicated server then you will also need to setup the firewall and whatnot to allow certain connections. If your just wanting to play with a few friends then it is just best to setup a local game as it doesn't require much to setup.

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i'm pretty new to this, i got a small 10 slot rented server with just vanilla arma 3 and the server provider has basically no guides on how to set things up and 24/7 tech support is not entirely accurate lol., through some trial and error from bits and pieces of info i have gathered  ive managed to upload co-op missions from steam using the ftp client and getting them to work but the always seems to be some small but crucial file missing needed for the mission i.e a teleport sript sqf file needed to start the mission once your all geared up and ready for example., All missions have been played and work fine on my computer..out of the 4 co-op missions i have uploaded all four have been missing that one file that disrupts the mission, could be and armoury script or like i said the teleport script..anyway i'll keep punchin away at it, the solution will show itself eventually.

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