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Olympus Intro I made

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Hey I made this today since Im creating some videos for Olympus, and it was kinda quickly done so its no perfect but take a look and tell me what you think. Ill accept all feed back, dont be shy, then depending on what you guys say I can recreate it or leave it.


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Jpeg has got the right idea, when you're fading in a clip such as an intro you should fade everything at once. The music, smoke and the olympus logo in this case. 


Hopefully one of your intros will be apart of the other video you're creating??!?!? 

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Alright guys, ill leave this over night wait for any more feed back and ill see what I can do thanks! and I dont wanna have to much stuff flying everywhere it just looks to much of an eyesore i like sorta simple but we'll see what happens ;)

If theres anything you think I can add that wont be to "unprofessional" looking but could possibly make it more exciting?

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